The fast is the act of directing the heart toward Allah, through the exercises of the hand, tongue, and the lust (through controlling them).

Such a beautiful and holy month, which is the good tidings of salvation to the hearts which have been polluted with foul trickeries in the other eleven months of the year and which are heavily burdened under sins, is an invaluable opportunity to stick to the commandments and prohibitions of Islam in such a way as if we were seeing Allah, so that they rule over our souls. The times of fast such as Mondays and Thursdays of the week, the 13th, 14th, and 15th days of Arabic months, and the two months from the Month of Rajab to Ramadan are unfortunately forgotten by today's Muslims, and the prescriptions of dieting in newspapers are seen as reliable. Today, their own bodies rebel against those who are against the fast and force their owners to fast for a whole lifetime through dieting. However, would it not be better if they fasted on the days mentioned and followed a comfortable and peaceful life on the other days? Does that exemplary dilemma not show that the fast is a physiological requisite for human health.