All the nutritions that we take in mixed into the blood after being digested and via blood vessels, they spread around all our body. Our Prophet said: “The devil enters inside humans through blood vessels.” In his work Ihya, Imam Ghazali says, with reference to that hadith, that the devil attacks humans through their lust and material desires. It is because the helping forces of the devil in us are the lustful desires, and the lust becomes more powerful through eating and drinking. The hadith above clearly explains how the material forces are utilized by the devil. Again, our Prophet said: “Weaken the means of the devil by fasting.” And thus he wanted us to attenuate and lessen our animal desires. There is a fine point in saying “weaken” rather than “cut down” or “stop” which points to the aim of fasting in Islam. For what Islam demands is not the eradication of lustful powers altogether but taming them. Our Prophet also said that the soul is our mount, and that it has certain rights on us. A Muslim should act toward his/her soul like a roughrider, who tries to tame his horse. S/he will neither let it go astray by satisfying it too much, nor make it too feeble with too much hunger to do any work. For the aim is not to stay hungry, but to tame and to control, and the fast is just the means.

The fast Islam asks for is a worship which everybody can easily perform. By commanding something that everybody can do, Islam did not demand something that only a few very pious people in the community could do and the rest could not. Islam aims that the individuals of the community go through the same taming all together and that the morals in the society improve. In this respect, the fast is a worship made obligatory for everybody just like the obligatory prayers. The Qur'an says, “ Prescribed for you is the Fast, as it was prescribed for those before you...” (The Qur'an, Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:183) and uses a different and more general expression than the expressions it uses to inform about other obligatory worships. All communities and all the humanity are addressed, which is because the fast concerns the whole humanity and is a requisite of being human.