As I see Muslims whose faces have become luminous with the fast in this holy month, I believe once more in the sublimity of our religion. Maybe the perfect form of worship is fasting. What is the fast, indeed?

The fast is health, purification of the soul, the purest abstinence which makes us closer to the meaning in creation, the call to the spirit for goodness and salvation, closeness to the poor and the destitute, the most sincere modesty, even help to the national economy, and a national frugality.

O Allah! Your Muslim slaves deprive their souls for a complete month of the corporeal blessings of the world, so as to get closer to you, and to progress on the path of goodness, peace and servitude without getting tired. They sit at the same table with the poorest person, and they offer thanks for being your slave by feeling content with one slice of bread and two single olives in order to survive. They get purified of the toxins, inclinations to sins, and of ingratitude, which have started to leak into their spirits from their bodies, which they have spoiled and tired during the eleven months of the year with excessive food; they get purified in the sacred bath of Holy Ramadan which you bestowed just in time and their bodies as well as their spirits leave this bath with health and soundness.

The Muslim servants understand the meaning of life and death more and more each day, after they start fasting. That thinking and speaking creature, the most beautiful and greatest work of art of Yours, human, looking at his/her material body which starts to melt away with fast but seeing again his/her spirit which starts to soar in sublimity through fast, thinks like this: “The more the material melts away, the more the spirit develops. The life that Allah promised to us after death is a bliss and eternity which is too perfect to be attained in this life. So, let us despise the material so as to make our spirits deserving of that Divine bliss and eternal life.” That is just the guide of wisdom which leads people to love among each other, to goodness, humility and to faith.

The blessings of the world which provide you with crude joys and pleasures will fall into ruin one day along with your body. Even if they do not, they will not mean anything to you any longer. However, the spirit, which will take you to the presence of Allah, will exist for ever with its sins and good deeds, with lightness or heaviness. And you will continue to survive with it in this universe. Woe to those who cannot reach the luminous heights because of their burdens and sins and thus are doomed to struggle in darkness.