a) What is penance?

Penance related to fasting as a religious term is the religious financial responsibility paid in case of not performing some ways of worshipping or making mistakes or having difficulty while performing. Penance regarding the ways of worshipping is valid for fasting and hajj (pilgrimage). Those who cannot fast due to old age and incurable illness pay penance in return for each day they do not fast since it is impossible for them to fast. It is wajib (necessary) for such people to pay penance. In the Qur’an, it is stated : “For those who can no longer manage to fast, there is a redemption (penance) by feeding a person in destitution (for each day missed, or giving him the same amount in money)” (the Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:184). From this verse, it is understood that the amount of penance is the food which is enough to feed a person for a day.

Those who cannot manage to fast due to old age should pay the penance for each day. If they cannot even afford this, they should beg Allah to forgive them. However, such people should perform their fast if they are able to in shorter days. If those who cannot manage to fast during Ramadan and who have incurable illness become able to fast, they should perform their prayers. Their penance they have already paid becomes void and they are deemed as sadaqah.

b) What is the amount of penance?

The amount of penance is much as sadaqah al-fitr.

The amount of penance for 2010 that the Ministry of Religious Affairs determined is 7 Turkish Liras.